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Put doon the 'phone, put doon the newspaper, pick up The Wee Cludgie Book an' while awa' sum happy time in the sma'est room in the hoose.

Written in the Scots tongue, there's sooooo much packed intae this Wee Book - aimed tae be read by fowk who want tae huv a read when they're locked awa' frae the world, in the toilet - tha' it's sure tae huv sumthin' fur everyone! Frae Scotland's wurst poetry tae Scotland's best jokes, frae quizzes such as 'Jist how Scottish are ye?' tae 'fitba' chants frae the terraces', it's bouncing a' o'er the place! There are e'en pages devoted tae wha's sure tae become the new fitness craze, 'cludgie aerobics' fur those o' us who want tae keep fit when sitin' oan the ... erm ... throne.

With hilarious illustrations by Jane Cornwell, this is a unique gift.